An Open Source Initiative for Hydrography



The Open Source Hydro (OSHydro) is an initiative foster collaboration and open source software development within the hydrographic surveying and ocean mapping community.


Several challenges are being faced by the hydrographic community:

OSHydro aims to mitigate these challenges providing an open and collaborative environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate the creation of an ecosystem of open hydrographic algorithms and tools that the next generation of hydrographers and ocean mappers can benefit from. These solutions must be scalable in order to meet the current and future challenges of big data, and they should follow the cutting edge of research development.

Get Involved

The OSHydro initiative is completely open to involvement from anyone with interest. For more information, contact the facilitators.

This page provides links and information about relevant projects. Feel free to edit the page on GitHub adding your projects.


For discussions and announcements related to the OSHydro initiative, join the Google Group.

Initiative Facilitators