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AMUST, a MBES uncertainty calculator


AMUST stands for A-priori Multibeam Uncertainty Simulation Tool, and it is a Windows desktop software developed by the Technical University of Delft in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment of the Netherlands (Rijkswaterstraat).

AMUST calculates the vertical and horizontal uncertainties in different operational circumstances assuming a flat seafloor and is based on the error analysis of Hare et al (Accuracy estimation of Canadian swath (multibeam) and sweep (multitransducer) sounding system,” Canadian Hydrographic Service, 1995). AMUST includes a default library with a wide array of MBES, POS and oceanographic scenarios focused in shallow water mapping, although users can create their own operational conditions.

Under the hood, AMUST is compiled in Python and , even though it not an open source software, is freely available for educational, research, and non profit purposes.

A complete description of this software is found within the help documentation, and in the paper by Mohammadloo et al Assessing the repeatability of sediment classification method and the limitations of using depth residuals, (2017) click here to get it

AMUST download request link here

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